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Kiosk Mode is a locked down application environment. Generic UNIX user accounts are used to bypass the normal authentication steps to get to an X11 environment.

Originally called Controlled Access Mode, CAM was introduced as a feature starting with Sun Ray Server 1.3.

The first implementation of CAM had the option of letting users Run in a CDE-like environment.

CAM was re-built from the ground up in SRSS 4.0 as was officially named Kiosk Mode. This rewrite brought with it many additions, including Linux support, Locked down JDS option, and selective token override.

Running Sun Rays as a Windows based terminal using either RDP or Citrix is one of the most popular types of Kiosk based deployments.

In depth presentation on Controlled Access Mode CAM Class.pdf --ThinGuy 09:12, 23 February 2007 (EET)

An updated presentation covering Kiosk Mode in SRS 4.0 is located in this post. DV Days

Controlled Access Mode documentation.

CAM Tips

NOTE: Most of these tips are only valid for SRSS versions prior to 4.0. Please see the above presentation which has specific tips for Kiosk mode.

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